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What is the PD Registry?

The PD Registry is a technology system that functions as a workforce registry. A workforce registry increases the number of high quality early childhood education (ECE) programs by helping to develop and track a knowledgeable and skilled early childhood workforce. A registry tracks an individual’s professional achievements and provides important data about the early childhood workforce to help raise the status and compensation for early childhood education.

In September 2020, the National Workforce Registry Alliance (the Alliance) announced the acceptance of Pennsylvania’s Professional Development (PD) Registry into the Alliance’s Partnership Eligibility Review (PER). PER is a data collection process and once accepted, states’ data is included in the Alliance’s National Dataset, and also in partnership opportunities with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the National Association of Family Childcare (NAFCC), the National Accreditation Council (NAC) and the Council for Professional Recognition (the CDA Council). Pennsylvania joins sixteen other ECE workforce registries previously approved for PER including Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Miami-Dade County (Florida), Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Learn more about the National Workforce Registry Alliance.

What are the benefits of the PD Registry?

Early Learning and School-Age Professionals can

  • Track employment, education and training history;
  • Plan professional development including access to an easy to use self-assessment tool; and
  • Find statewide, regional, and online quality professional training opportunities.

Program Directors can

  • Track staff completion of Bureau of Certification and Keystone STARS training
  • Access verified staff qualifications for meeting Certification and Keystone STARS
  • Support staff with professional development planning; and
  • Register staff members for training using the statewide training calendar.

PQAS Instructors and Professional Development (Training) Organizations can

  • Schedule professional development opportunities in-person and online;
  • Track credentials, certifications, competencies and knowledge areas they are approved to
    instruct; and
  • Manage class rosters and sign-in sheets, walk-in registrations and payment, and participant
  • Download a one-pager on the PD Registry and its benefits. (PDF)

How can I create a PD Registry account?

Start your PD Registry journey today by creating an account at www.papdregistry.org.

How do I login to my existing PD Registry account?

There are two ways to reach the login page for the PD Registry:
  1. Go to www.pakeys.org and click on the lime green PD Registry box**. Click the teal login box in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Go directly to www.papdregistry.org and login using the teal button on the top right corner of the screen.
**The login button on to the top right of the main PA Key website is only for Rising STAR Tuition Assistance, the CDA Voucher Program, and partner intranet access. You can no longer login to the PD Registry using this link.

How can I access my account if I cannot remember my email or my password?

  1. From the login page of the PD Registry, click Forgot Password.
  2. Enter the email associated or that you think is associated with the account.**
  3. If it is the account, you will receive an email with directions on how to change your password.
  4. If that is not the associated email account, reach out to us via email at registry@pakeys.org or call 1-800-284-6031. Please do not create a new account. We will help you find your original account.

** PLEASE NOTE: The PA Key is unable to change your password for you.

What browser should I use for the PD Registry?

The PD Registry is best used in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Users using other browsers such as Internet Explorer or Apple Safari may experience difficulties. It is free to download both Chrome and Firefox. Free download links for each of the supported browsers are available below:

Where can I find more tipsheets and resources to help use the PD Registry?

  • New users to the PD Registry, Early Learning Professionals who already have an account in the Registry, and Program Directors can visit this resource page to find FAQs, tipsheets, the Professional Development Plan, and more.
  • PQAS Instructors, Professional Development Organizations (PDOs), and prospective instructors and PDO can visit this resource page for applications, tipsheets, and more.

Recorded Webinar for PD Registry Enhancements (July 1, 2019)

PD Registry User Policies

PD Registry Buzz E-Newsletter

The PD Registry Buzz is a quarterly e-newsletter to inform early learning professionals, program directors, PQAS instructors and professional development organizations on the Pennsylvania Professional Development (PD) Registry. The newsletter is free and open to anyone.

To sign up for the newsletter or to view the archives, visit the PD Registry Buzz page.

ECE Summit Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Attendees of the 2019 Pennsylvania Early Childhood Summit were eligible for a giveaway from The Pennsylvania Key and the PD Registry. Any questions regarding this giveaway can be sent to registry@pakeys.org.

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