PA’s ECE PDO Request for Application #17-18 Released

|PA’s ECE PDO Request for Application #17-18 Released
Pennsylvania’s Early Care and Education
Professional Development Organizations
Request for Application (RFA) #17-18 Released
Applications due March 19, 2019
The PA Department of Human Services has posted the following Solicitation RFA 17-18 . The objective of this RFA is to identify Early Care and Education Professional Development Organizations (“ECE PDOs”)to: Coordinate and facilitate access to credit-bearing, stackable, portable coursework and credentials for the ECE workforce; Support direct access across each identified service region for the ECE workforce to participate in CDA Credential (Infant /Toddler, Preschool, and Family Child Care), Associate of Arts (“AA”), Associate of Science (“AS”), Associate of Applied Science (“AAS”), Bachelor of Arts (“BA”), and Bachelor of Science (“BS”) programs through a mixed delivery model consisting of: face-to-face, cohort, or online methods; and Coordinate with and support the Early Learning Resource Centers (“ELRCs”) (Appendix D) in improving the quality of ECE programs. on eMarketplace.
View the bid online at eMarketplace or by clicking here.
Public bid openings consist of a Commonwealth procurement representative electronically accessing or opening timely received bids. The representative announces the suppliers whose bids were timely received and the total bid amount to those present at the bid opening except where it is deemed unreasonable to read the bid amount due to complexity or large number of line items. Suppliers are not permitted to review bids at the opening. The bid tabulation will be posted to as soon as practicable after the opening. Awarded contracts are posted to eMarketplace after they become fully executed.