As part of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning’s (OCDEL) continuing efforts to support high quality child care, OCDEL will increase the subsidy base rates that are below the Maximum Child Care Allowance (MCCA) for STAR 3 and STAR 4 child care providers. Effective January, 1, 2018, all STAR 3 and STAR 4 child care providers who are being paid less than their published rates can receive a rate increase up to the Maximum Child Care Allowance (MCCA) if the published rate meets or exceeds the MCCA. The MCCA rates are established by OCDEL based on county, care level, provider type, and unit of care (part-time, full-time). In order to implement the base payment rate increase, eligible providers must submit their published rates to their Child Care Information Services (CCIS) agency.
The Announcement has information relating to additional next steps.