New Certification Inspection Instrument and Worksheets for Renewal Visits

The creation and implementation of the Certification Inspection Instrument (CII) represents DHS and OCDEL’s commitment to consistent monitoring of all existing regulations and transparency of the certification and inspection process. The CII standardizes how certification regulations are applied, measured, and enforced consistently across Pennsylvania and supports consistent documentation of inspection results and compliance.

The CII accessed via the links below and presented in the webinar is for use in conducting a renewal inspection at a Child Care Center. An Inspection Instrument specific to Group Child Care Home and Family Child Care Home will be developed in the future.

Download the CII and related worksheets and forms here:

Provider Survey/Facility Information Sheet

This document helps Certification Representatives prepare for your visit. It is available on our website and will be sent out in advance of a Renewal Visit. Program administrators may email the sheet to their Certification Representative in advance of their visit or have it ready when the Certification Representative arrives.

Certification Inspection Instrument (CI) Center Renewal

The CII supports the consistent monitoring of Certification Regulations. Use this to support your own review of requirements related to: posted notices, required paperwork, transportation, ratio and supervision and physical site.

Disclosure Statement

This document replaces the former set of individual disclosure statements related to swimming, firearms, and consumer product safety.

Worksheet 1: Child Care Staff Data Sheet

Worksheet 2: Child Records


Worksheet 3: Child Health Records

Worksheet 1, 2, and 3 help you monitor your own compliance related to critical staff and child records. Certification Representatives use these worksheets to document your compliance related to child and staff records.

Learn more about the Certification Inspection Instrument and Worksheets by watching this webinar.  We recommend downloading and printing the Certification Inspection Instrument (CII) tool before watching the video.

Webinar: Launch of New Certification Tool: Certification Inspection Instrument (CII)