March 3, 2021: Governor Tom Wolf and the Legislative COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force announced a special initiative to prioritize vaccinating Pennsylvania’s education professionals, including early childhood educators and child care providers.

Thank you to all early childhood education (ECE) professionals who participated in the ECE Special Initiative for Janssen, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID-19 Vaccine by completing the ECE Registration Request Form by the March 19, 2021, deadline. The survey is now closed. Individuals that did not sign up in this initiative are able to schedule independently through local participating pharmacies or their health care provider.

Information collected in the J&J Vaccine ECE Registration Request Form has been provided to the Department of Health and is being assigned to Retail Pharmacy Partners (RPP) for follow up. ECE workers will be contacted by one of the local RPP to schedule vaccinations using the additional, separate allocations of J&J vaccine RPP receive from the federal government. Each local RPP may handle scheduling differently. Directors should share with their program staff, that RPP will be reaching out based on the shared contact information.

Those interested in receiving the vaccine, independent of this Special Initiative, can locate vaccine providers by visiting the Department of Health’s interactive Vaccine Provider Map.

View the FAQ document (PDF) [Last Updated: Mar. 18,2021]. More information regarding the Janssen Vaccine Special Initiative and ECE workforce can be found at, for Pre-K-12 educator workforce at or the COVID-19 Vaccine for Pre-K to 12 School Staff on the PDE website.