• Do you know families who have suggestions about child care, health and family support services for children and their families?
  • Do you know family members who are interested in participating in decision-making about services in their community?
  • Do you know families who feel called to action to strengthen their community or participate in statewide policy reforms?

Encourage families to join the Family Leadership Learning Community to be held March – August, 2021. Meeting times to be selected based on participant availability.

Family members can apply to participate at this link.

The Family Leadership Learning Community will meet in an online format. Members will be asked to participate in six sessions, and share ideas with each other outside of the meeting.

Participants will receive a stipend payment for specific work and may receive assistance with technology necessary for active involvement.

The Family Leadership Learning Community will support family leaders to feel confident as an advocate for their own children and family as well as other families. Participants may expect to attend Pennsylvania’s prenatal-to-age-three collaborative subgroup meetings as part of the experience, and may be offered the opportunity to continue involvement.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Advocacy and asking questions
  • Characteristics of strong families
  • Uncovering strengths in communities
  • Service and educational systems
  • Cultural awareness, social justice and equity
  • Leadership skills

Questions?  Contact Karen Shanoski, kshanoski@csc.csiu.org or 717-982-8597