What is the Director Credential?

Administering an early childhood or school-age program is a complex job that requires an understanding of child development, program administration, personnel supervision, leadership and job-related experience. The Pennsylvania Director Credential is designed as a standard to measure and validate the abilities and competencies of directors and administrators to manage high quality early childhood and school-age programs.  Additionally, it represents the level of personal and professional accomplishments of directors and administrators, their professional contributions through demonstrated leadership, and active engagement in professional endeavors beyond the scope of the daily operation of a program.

Director Credential Pathways

There are 4 different pathways to obtain the Director Credential:  Initial, Renewal, Alternative Pathway, and Portfolio.

Applying for the Director Credential

Applying for the Director Credential occurs through the PD Registry at www.papdregistry.org.  

Please reference the Director Credential Application Requirement document when completing the application to ensure you have all the required pieces.

Processing of Director Credential applications

  • Processing of applications can take between 60 – 90 days.
  • Before submitting the application, ensure all required documentation has been uploaded so that a delay doesn’t occur.

Director Credential Portfolio Application and Documents

If applying for the Portfolio Pathway, submit all required documentation to the address in the application.

Director Credential Additional Resources

  • Coming soon: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF)

Higher Education Institutions interested in offering the Director Credential coursework

Institutes of Higher Education interested in offering the Director Credential, or applying for approval of this study should contact dircred@pakeys.org.