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Program Quality Assessment (PQA) Professional Development

The Program Quality Assessment (PQA) team offers a variety of professional development (PD) sessions to meet the needs of early childhood and school-age professionals. Sessions are created by the Program Quality Assessment team, in collaboration with Program Observation Instrument (POI) authors and publishers or are provided for use by the authors/publishers. All face to face and synchronous virtual sessions are offered by the PQA team and are instructed by the Program Quality Assessors.

Professional Development Opportunities

Program Quality Assessment Professional Development Catalog

Several additional POIs are now approved for use by programs for internal assessment processes in Keystone STARS.  As the PQA Team works with each instrument’s authors/publisher to develop introductory professional development sessions for program staff, this catalog was developed to highlight the range of formal and/or informal learning options that are available for access.  The goal of introductory training is to assist program leadership in the selection and use of an appropriate POI to support continuous quality improvement (CQI) efforts.  As additional opportunities are developed, they will be added to the catalog.

Statewide PQA Professional Development Calendar

This calendar is designed to support programs in selecting the most appropriate location, modality and date to receive professional development on the various POIs. Additionally, if a provider is registered for a session that is cancelled, the calendar provides a quick at-a-glance way to find a new opportunity that meets their needs. This calendar is updated monthly. It provides information about all currently scheduled POI PD in the Commonwealth offered by a Program Quality Assessor. Be sure to check the PD Registry for additional dates and locations added prior to calendar updates.

Online and Virtual Program Observation Professional Development Opportunities

There are numerous Program Quality Assessment related online learning opportunities, both self-paced and instructor led. The following documents provide information on the available Program Observation Instrument PD sessions that are available virtually and the form to request instructor led POI PD. Please note the request from below is only for the virtual, instructor led POI PD sessions. Additional virtual sessions will be added to the request form as they are developed.

On-Site Program Observation Instrument Professional Development Requests

The Program Quality Assessment team accepts requests from early childhood and school-age professionals for on-site and program specific virtual POI PD sessions. Requests are honored regionally, in the order received, based on Program Quality Assessor availability, and when adequate notice is provided. The following documents provide information on the available POI PD sessions available, instructions for making an on-site request, and the PD application form. Please note the request form is only for POI PD and not other PD related to Keystone STARS.

Let’s Talk Quality! | Recorded Webinars

These no cost webinars created by Program Quality Assessors are designed to enhance provider information on best practices and support decision-making when selecting the most appropriate Program Observation Instrument for their program. Additional webinars will be added periodically.