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Information for New Family Child Care Home Providers



  • ALL OUR KIN: Nationally recognized nonprofit organization that trains, supports and sustains family child care providers. Articles, professional development, Blog, Resources for families, home based providers and communities.
  • AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS: Health and Safety tips, latest research and updates, journals and publications, articles, podcast, information for parents, professional development, and materials.
  • BETTER KID CARE – PENN STATE EXTENSION: Provides evidence-informed professional development to early care and education and youth development professionals to improve the quality of their care and educational practices. Online training is available for child care professionals with more than 300 relevant modules.
  • BUILD INITIATIVE: Helps states build systems to support Early Childhood Development throughout the nation, such as  Keystone STARS QRIS in Pennsylvania. Webinars and events, blogs, resources, articles, and annual conference.
  • CDA COUNCIL: CDA Scholarships, articles, CDA Applications and credentialing process, renewal information and amnesty information/updates on- Webinars and Tutorials and downloadable forms.
  • CHILD AND ADULT CARE FOOD PROGRAM: The CACFP provides reimbursement for meals served to enrolled participants in non-residential child or adult care facilities. The primary intent of the program is to improve the diets of children and adults and to develop healthful eating habits through the service of nutritious meals and the provision of nutrition education activities.
  • CHILD CARE AWARE OF AMERICA: Leads projects that increase the quality and availability of child care, conducts research and advocates child care policies.
    • Latest reports and research, free webinars for parents and providers, checklists, blog, resources covering many topics related to child care.
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  • EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION LINKAGE SYSTEM (ECELS): Provides professional development and technical assistance about health and safety in child care.
    • Professional Development, tools, free materials, and resources available that will help providers meet Keystone STARS Standards and DHS Regulations.
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  • EARLY CHILDHOOD EXCHANGE: Exchange magazine, articles on demand, books, videos, Exchange reflections and essentials, training kits and resources. Offers many free webinars.
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  • FIRST FIVE YEARS FUND: Mission is to ensure all children from birth through age 5 have equal access to affordable, comprehensive, high-quality care and education.
    • FFYF works with advocacy groups and policymakers on both sides of the aisle to identify federal solutions that work for children, families, and taxpayers as well as states and communities.
    • Continued updates and resources, articles and featured posts that keep you current on national ECE information.
  • HOMEGROWN: A national collaborative of funders committed to improving the quality of and access to home-based child care.
    • Articles, research – best practices, funding information, surveys, a variety of resources, publications, blogs, webinars, and events all focused on home-based care.
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  • MCCORMICK CENTER For Early Childhood Leadership: The McCormick Center has a played a critical role in increasing access to Professional development and credentials for early childhood leaders for many years. Strong early childhood leadership positively impacts outcomes for children and families.
    • Services offered: Leadership academies, national director credential, program evaluation, technical assistance, PD systems, quality assessment and quality rating and improvement systems.
    • Articles, research, and resources. Information and PD on BAS for home-based child care.
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  • NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR FAMILY CHILD CARE: Membership, webinars, accreditation self-study, articles, and annual conference