As a child care provider, your child care rate information can make an impact in Pennsylvania being compliant with the federal government and ensuring OCDEL has important data to compare private pay prices with Child Care Works reimbursements known as base rates.
The Market Rate Survey is a requirement under the Child Care Development Fund which provides Pennsylvania the funding to Child Care Works and Keystone STARS. Your updated information is important, even if your rates have not changed.
If you have already updated your rates between 10/1/2019 and 12/3/2019, thank you for participating! You do not need to do anything further. Your update will be included in the new Market Rate Survey.
If you have not updated your rates between 10/1/2019 and 12/3/2019, or if your rates have not changed but your last update occurred before 10/1/2019, you should log into PELICAN Provider Self Service and please follow these instructions.
How to provide the most up-to-date information about your rates by the Dec. 30 deadline:
  1. Log into the PELICAN Provider Self-Service before Dec. 30, 2019. You will need a User Name and Password. Don’t have a username and password? Contact your Early Learning Resource Center. They can help you enroll in Provider Self-Service or update child care prices if you do not have access to Provider Self-Service.
  2. Check your rate information. Is it correct? If no: Provide updated rate information. If yes: Confirm the information is correct.
  3. Check your effective date. Is it January 1, 2020? If no: Update the effective date to January 1, 2020. If yes: Confirm the effective date is correct.
Every three years, states update information regarding the prices child care providers charge families. This is known as a Market Rate Survey (MRS). The last official MRS was conducted in 2016. Updated information will ensure OCDEL has a good understanding of child care prices across each Early Learning Resource Center Region (ELRC).