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You, Me, and the ECERS-3: The Three Hour Observation

By Bobbi Philson It was exciting and thought-provoking to talk ECERS-3 with almost 75 ECE professionals at the 2017 ECE Summit. We heard from some of the group that they would like more information about the 3-hour observation-only approach of the ECERS-3, so we’ll tackle it in a series of blog posts. The ECERS [...]

You, Me, and the ECERS-3: The Three Hour Observation2021-11-24T05:38:07-05:00

Sharing Cubbies

By Michelle Long The ERS scales expect each child to have individual cubby/storage space that is not shared with anyone else. Why is individual storage important? Having individual storage helps to reduce the spread of lice and scabies. Providing each child with their own space also offers him/her a sense of belonging to the [...]

Sharing Cubbies2021-11-24T01:34:54-05:00

You’re Invited To A High Quality Preschool Classroom

By Pam Schaffner Please join us for a fun-filled time observing in a high quality preschool classroom! What to expect: During the observation, you will see many quality items in the classroom including: Well defined interest centers for focused play and at least one space for private play Lots of materials for math including [...]

You’re Invited To A High Quality Preschool Classroom2021-11-24T01:25:04-05:00