NOTE: Thank you for your interest in providing feedback on the proposed draft regulations. As we gather feedback from the early childhood community, this not a formal public comment period. This is an extra level of engagement as the proposed draft certification regulations are continuing to be edited. The formal public comment period will happen once the package is submitted for the formal Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Regulatory Process.

Getting Started

  • 1. Review the Guiding Questions page prior to reviewing and apply while providing feedback. The Guiding Questions are the set of standards that the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) has used while rewriting the regulations that focus on clarity and organizations, equity, quality and provider burden.

  • 2. To learn more about OCDEL’s Child Care Certification Regulation Rewrite Project, visit the main project page.

  • 3. Go to the appropriate chapter feedback tool page:

Providing Feedback

  • 1. Click the regulation you’re interested in to provide feedback to expand the box to show the full text of the regulation.

  • 2. Read the regulation in its entirety.

  • 3. To open Feedback Tool survey, click the green Provide Feedback via Survey Monkey button.

  • 4. Complete the Survey Monkey form including the following:

    • Your name, organization and role.
    • Demographic information.

    (NOTE: Demographic information helps us learn if this project has reached Pennsylvania’s diverse community in these efforts and in what ways we need to be more mindful while building equitable and engaging projects in the future.)

    • The regulation number that you’re commenting on from the drop down. Each regulation needs to be submitted as its own form.
    • Whether you agree or disagree with the regulation.
    • Your explanation of why you agree or disagree.

  • 5. When you are satisfied with your response, click the blue Submit My Response button.

  • 6. Confirm the submission of your response by clicking the blue Submit My Response button again.

  • 7. You will be taken back to the appropriate chapter page. Repeat these steps until you’ve submitted your responses for all the regulations you’d like to provide feedback on.