JPG of Career Pathway Placement Review FormCareer Pathway Review Form

This form should be used for those who have already been placed on Pennsylvania’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) Career Pathway and would like a review or would like to re-submit, due to the following:

  • Re-submit: When an individual completes additional education and is eligible for higher placement on the Career Pathway but their current status has not expired. (Attach new transcript or credential with this form.)
  • Appeal: When someone wants their Career Pathway placement reviewed because they feel their placement is not what they expected or they’ve provided additional supporting documents after their initial application was marked as incomplete.


  1. Download the Career Pathway Placement Review Form (PDF) to your smart device.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Once finished, submit via email to Donna Wennerholt ( with the Subject: Career Pathway Placement Review Form.

NOTE: Documents will be reviewed and completed within 60 days of a completed submission. All incomplete
forms will be emailed back to the sender and will need to be resubmitted. The date of the resubmission will be used to
begin the process time frame.