Submit Accreditation for Keystone STARS Alternative Pathway Designations

  • 2. Click Login in the top right corner.

  • 3. Enter your email address and password, then click Login.

  • 4. As someone with an Organizational Administrative role, click on the name of your organization from the top right-hand corner drop-down menu.

  • 5. Within your organization’s profile, select the Program Info tab and then the Accreditation tab.

    step 5

  • 6. Add accreditations for your program by selecting the +Accreditation button.

  • 7. Enter your program’s Accreditation Information.

    NOTE: Documentation regarding the accreditation is required. Add this by using the +File button.

    NOTE: The different Accreditation types acceptable are shown below.

    Once entered, click Save and Close.

  • 8. An accreditation entry will present with a Pending status until a Quality Coach verfies the information and documentation provided by the program. In the meantime programs are able to:

    • Remove an entry by clicking the Delete icon.
    • Change or add documentation by clicking the Edit icon.

    NOTE: Once validated by a Quality Coach, the status of the accreditation will update to Verified.