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Annual Unannounced Inspections Required to Become a Certified/Licensed Child Care Provider


Family Child Care: What to Expect in an Inspection (Video) 

All family child care homes in Pennsylvania will soon be required to earn a Certificate of Compliance as a CERTIFIED, also called LICENSED, child care provider. The process to get certified/licensed includes annual unannounced inspections of family child care homes.

Conducted by Certification Representatives from the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL), under the Department of Human Services (DHS), the annual unannounced inspections will help family child care homes meet regulatory standards for providing safe and healthy environments for children. You can watch an introductory video about what to expect in an inspection HERE. 

Child Care Regulations

In 2014, the federal law that oversees and provides funding for child care assistance (Child Care Development Block Grant / CCDBG) was reauthorized for the first time since 1996.

In December 2015, Pennsylvania's Public Human Services Code (formerly Public Welfare Code) was also reauthorized.  

NOTICE: Regional Certification Offices are holding provider meetings to explain changes. Please contact your Regional Office for dates.  

  • In an effort to support families with access to safe, reliable child care, the law requires 
    • family child care homes to become certified (also called "licensed") upon opening or upon renewal beginning December 2015; and
    • most friend/neighbor caregivers receiving subsidy to become certified (also called "licensed") by November 2016. 
A family child care homes' current certificate of registration is valid until replaced by a certificate of compliance or license.
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