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The first steps in becoming a child care provider

Is your passion working with children?
Have you thought about becoming a certified child care provider?

Keystone STARS  can help!

Receive personal, one-on-one help through the support of a Keystone STARS mentor.


Get the support you need to start your journey of becoming a certified child care and Keystone STARS provider.

“The Keystone STARS program interested me because I am always striving to do my best and reach my goals. Being able to reach out to the people in Keystone STARS and getting the help I needed, when I needed it, is most valuable to me.”

Maeanne, Fayette County


As a certified, Keystone STARS provider you can:
  • Serve more children (family providers can serve up to six children).
  • Show families that you have a safe and healthy space for their children because you meet Pennsylvania child care health and safety regulations.
  • Receive a higher reimbursement rate through Child Care Works.
  • Apply for other grant programs, such as the Pennsylvania Child And Adult Care Food Program.
  • Obtain liability insurance that protects your business and your home.
  • You may be able to deduct more on your taxes, increasing your net profit.
To find out the other great opportunities Keystone STARS offers to help you become a certified child care Keystone STARS provider, contact your Regional Key!

Documents related to becoming a certified child care provider:

Do you provide child care in a rural setting? Keystone STARS wants YOU! 

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