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Early Learning in PA

Reduction of Expulsions and Suspensions in Early Childhood Settings

In December 2014, the US Departments of Health and Human Services and Education published Policy Statement on Expulsion and Suspension in Early Childhood Settings. In response to this statement, OCDEL has drafted an office wide announcement to provide guidance to programs regarding appropriate behavior support practices and the reduction of expulsion and suspension in early childhood programs in Pennsylvania.

OCDEL Releases Announcements - July 2017

After soliciting stakeholder input on the development of the two Announcements, OCDEL has released them as final Announcements:

These Announcements connect deeply with the shared values and vision across OCDEL initiatives and programs. Each Announcement provides guidance to OCDEL programs regarding strategies, how to support families and children, and next steps to be taken at the local and state levels.

This timeline can help early learning staff plan how they can support the families, children and staff in their program.


Regional Forums for Partnering to Strengthen Early Childhood Policies to Include All Children

The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) held six Regional Policy Forums in August 2016.
  • These policy forums were work sessions with facilitated small group discussions to provide input to OCDEL on governance, professional development and leadership support related to inclusion and suspension and expulsion. 
The Regional Policy Forums provided participants the opportunity to:
  • Offer input and creating strategies to support inclusion, including identifying strategies to build and sustain partnerships, 
  • Develop a framework for addressing suspension and expulsion in early childhood programs, and
  • Provide input on statewide policy around inclusion and suspension and expulsion.
Participants represented the range of OCDEL stakeholders from early intervention and early childhood education.


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