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Community Outreach Resources

The Community Outreach Learning Community provides information & supports to help you educate policymakers, and school & community leaders in support of quality early education.

In this community, receive information & updates on making the case for quality early learning, building relationships with policymakers, effective media relations, and tools to use information like OCDEL’s Reach and Risk Report.

Find resources below to support Community Outreach, and join the Pennsylvania LEARN Partners on Facebook to build a support network in your county for organizations and individuals interested in quality early education.  

Community Partners Enews

Each message highlights what's happening in communities throughout Pennsylvania around engaging families and communities, successful transition to Kindergarten actions, and tips & tools for educating families, schools, and community leaders. Click here to sign up to receive these messages directly.



Working with the Media

A key part of building a quality early education continuum is community education and outreach to parents, school leadership, business, media and legislators. You may want to contact Local Education and Resource Network (LEARN) partners in your community to become involved in local activities and learn more about outreach already taking place in your community.

Have information, resources or materials you'd like to share? Get them added to this page by sending them to Mary Hall at marhal@pakeys.org.


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