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Child Care Works Subsidy Add-on for Keystone STARS programs

As part of OCDEL’s commitment to continuous quality improvement in early learning, child care programs participating in Keystone STARS at the STAR 2 level or above will receive a subsidy add-on for every child they serve who is enrolled in Child Care Works.

This subsidy add-on, or “tiered reimbursement,” is applicable to centers at the STAR 2 level or higher, and increases with each STAR level. The add-on is automatically applied to the daily subsidized child care rate for the program by the CCIS. The additional daily amount may, in some circumstances, increase provider rates to an amount that exceeds the Maximum Child Care Allowance.

STARS Awards for 2017-18

Qualifying facilities may receive grants and awards while in the STARS program.

COMING SOON 17-18 Financial Award Requests and worksheets.

Providing financial awards to facilities serving children who are vulnerable and at risk is one strategy implemented by OCDEL to promote CQI. This document is designed to assist you in creating written justifications of financial award usage and providing recommendations on making intentional decisions about award expenditures.

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