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Career Development

P-3 Networking

Unique Opportunity Helps Build Sustainability

The P-3 Networking Meeting, Strengthening Connections Across Pennsylvania, May 5-6, 2016 was more than your typical meet-and-greet. Teams from across the commonwealth came together in Harrisburg to build sustainability through creative collaborations and stakeholder engagement. This was done by creating a statewide learning exchange to help participants step into their role as a meeting designer and refine their skills in convening and designing networking meetings.

The fall 2016 P-3 Networking Meeting was held November 28-30 in Gettysburg, PA and served as an opportunity to learn from each other & continue to sustain efforts through the cycles—and discontinuities—of funded and unfunded periods through creative collaborations and stakeholder engagement. From this meeting, participants began or continued to build sustainability through engagement, were a part of a statewide learning exchange, and stepped into a role as a meeting designer through experiencing a well-planned networking meeting.


P3 County Level Crosswalk

This document includes a County Level Crosswalk of Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL), Early Learning Services programs. The crosswalk is designed to understand the extent to which OCDEL programs and special initiatives are being implemented across counties. Potential uses for the crosswalk may include: 

  • Starting point for P3 regional networking
  • Starting point for county needs/asset mapping 
  • Understanding district level implementation of Kindergarten Entry Inventory as a potential source of data  

View the P3 County Level Crosswalk (PDF). 

View the P3 Networking Resources (PDF).

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