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Building relationships with your legislators toolkit

Educating our legislators about Pennsylvania’s investments in early education not only makes us accountable for public dollars, it helps make the case for future investment. This toolkit can help you build relationships with your legislators so they are well educated on the importance of quality early learning and support continued investments in early education. Please note: your LEARN Team is a great resource and can provide assistance and materials to help you build relationships with your legislators. LEARN partners may have already established relationships and will coordinate events like site visits and leadership events. To find local LEARN partners, visit the PA's Promise for Children website.  

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Table of Contents

Why build relationships with your legislators?

  • Goals in building relationships with legislators
  • Ways to build relationships with your legislators


  1. Find your legislators
  2. Learn more about your legislators
  3. Educate your legislators – key messages
  4. Find a “hook” to contact your legislators


  1. Write your legislators
  2. Invite legislators to your programs
  3. Visit a legislator in their district office
  4. Adopt a legislator
  5. Mobilize staff and parents to contact their legislators
  6. Hold a legislative event

Useful websites

Glossary of terms

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