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Call your Regional Key:

Northeast Region - 800-528-7222
Northwest Region - 800-860-2281
Mid-State Region - 800-864-4925
Southeast Region - 267-773-4400
Southwest Region - 877-349-4850




Responsibilities of the Regional Keys include:

  • developing a Regional Quality Improvement Plan for professional development and technical assistance;
  • engaging local stakeholders, planning groups, certification representatives, CCIS and CAO representatives, institutes of higher education, United Way organizations, intermediate units, school district representatives, and the community at large in early childhood education initiatives;
  • implementing STARS in the region by processing applications, providing information, offering STARS orientation training, assisting providers in the self-study process, and designating providers with a STAR level by determining that they have met all of the STARS performance standards;
  • administering early childhood education professional development and technical assistance funds in the region directly and via subcontracts;
  • conducting technical assistance and professional development inventories to determine the region's needs and resources;
  • developing credit-bearing offerings and promoting articulation agreements that make it easy for child care professionals to transfer credits from two-year to four-year colleges; and
  • developing community leadership to work with and raise the awareness of civic and community leaders to recognize the need for high quality early care and education and school readiness in their communities.

  Print the 2016-17 Regional Key map and get contact information.



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