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Professional development

Professional development for Family Child Care practitioners is delivered primarily through Regional Keys, professional development organizations and individual instructors.  For information about professional development available in your area, visit the PD Registry or contact your Regional Key.  The sessions listed below are statewide modules that have been developed to support Family Child Care practitioners in meeting Keystone STARS Family Child Care program standards.

Family child care business series

Family Child Care Contracts and Policies (3 Hours)

This session will enable you to better understand how to establish a business relationship with parents through solid contract and policy documents. Learn what should be included in each document and how to use these to make your early childhood business a safe and dependable environment for the young children and families you serve.

Family Child Care Recordkeeping (3 Hours)

Running a full time Family Child Care is a big job - but, if you don't also "take care of business," you will likely end up costing yourself money when it comes time to pay your income taxes. This session of the Family Child Care Business Series will help you to identify what business records you should keep, how to properly report your business income and how to identify common business deductions.

Creating a Family Child Care Business Plan (3 Hours)

A business plan is the road map to your Family Child Care program's success. Participants in this session will explore the components of a business plan, learn how to evaluate their own programs to create and follow a business plan as well as have an opportunity to examine their own individual short and long term financial goals.


Keystone stars optional tools & worksheets

The following Family Child Care specific documents can be found by selecting Keystone STARS, Forms & Tools on the left-hand menu.

Optional Tools:

  • Good Better Best-Pennsylvania's CQI Guide to Best Practices Version 1.0 for Family Child Care Home


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