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Community Engagement

Local Education and Resource Network (LEARN) Partners 

Engaging communities throughout Pennsylvania around quality early learning is an ongoing process that involves a variety of community members: 
  • families
  • school districts
  • early learning providers and programs
  • churches, community organizations
  • businesses
  • everyone can be involved!
Pennsylvania’s Local Education and Resource Network (LEARN) Partners conduct community outreach in their local communities and work with organizations and individuals interested in quality early education.

LEARN Partners can bring together early childhood programs, parents and families, school districts, and child-serving organizations to assess what quality early learning programs are currently available in the community and to develop ways to encourage quality early learning.

They may also work with school districts and community-based early learning programs to develop ways to make smooth transition from preschool to kindergarten for children, parents, and teachers. 

If you are an individual or organization that conducts or is interested in community outreach, family engagement, and/or transition in their local communities related to quality early education, then LEARN is for you! 

We encourage you to contact your county's representative to find out how you can become involved in supporting quality early learning or sign up to become a LEARN Partner.

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