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Tell your cqi story

Continuous Quality Improvement means different things to different people.  For the purposes of early childhood and school age programs in Pennsylvania, continuous quality improvement is the complete process of identifying, describing and analyzing strengths and problems and then testing, implementing, learning from  and revising solutions.  CQI philosophy is that most things can be improved. Our goal is to provide the best possible services to the children and families that we serve. We want to go beyond meeting basic health and safety needs. CQI is firmly grounded in the overall mission, vision and values of the organization. But perhaps most importantly is dependent on the active inclusion of staff, families, children and other partners at all levels.

This new section of our website is devoted to sharing the stories of the leaders who have begun, undergone and continue to want to learn more about implementing Continuous Quality Improvement initiatives their programs.  In the coming months, we will begin to post these personal stories and hope that you too will be compelled to share your story. 

Click here for an application to share your CQI story.


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