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Continuous quality improvement in early learning programs

Early Learning programs in Pennsylvania are supported and encouraged to engage in a continuous cycle of quality improvement focused on improved outcomes for children and families.  Along with technical assistance and professional development, Pennsylvania provides many supports and resources for programs that are linked together under the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) framework.  After reviewing sources of evidence and working as a team on the annual CQI plan, programs are encouraged to strategically select participation in initiatives based on the goals and objectives of the program improvement plan.  The attached project descriptions are provided to assist programs in understanding and selecting from the array of options.  The projects are organized under the following content strands.

Building administrative competencies and leaders (k8)

Building cultural competence, welcoming all families and supporting diversity (k3)

Developing and expanding best practice in teaching and learning (k1, k2, k4)

Engaging families and communities to support positive child outcomes (k3)

promoting an environment for healthy children/families/ practitioners (k7)

supporting social emotional competence and addressing challenging behavior (k1, k2, k3, k4, k5)




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