The Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Programs: Prenatal through Grade 3 blended course focuses on how an aligned prenatal to grade3 (P-3) system has the potential to improve child outcomes and prevent or close achievement gaps. This coursework is designed to increase the capacity of early education and school-age leaders to understand, connect, and align the many public and private systems that are focused on the growth, development, and education of children prenatally through grade 3. This course will focus on what P-3 leaders need to know and be able to do in order to improve the quality and coherence of children’s learning opportunities.

Using a nationally recognized P-3 framework, participants will explore strategies and methods for evaluating implementation efforts; as well as concrete examples of how to enrich and expand prenatal through grade 3 approaches.

The P-3 blended course offers an opportunity to bring together early education and school-age K-3 leaders in a cooperative, professional learning community. This partnership encourages an understanding of the early education and school-based educational systems which children and families navigate. It also helps to build relationships among these leaders to create coordinated, aligned, and coherent learning experiences for students and their families.

Early education program directors and school-age administrators are in a unique position in their communities. These individuals have the opportunity to acquire deeper knowledge and greater leadership skills to successfully identify and navigate the challenges and opportunities in creating P-3 alignment. The P-3 blended course is ideal for those leaders who want to take a deeper dive into collaborative learning and relationship building around early learning and P-3 alignment. PQAS and Act 45 hours are offered.

This initiative is part of Pennsylvania’s Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge grant. For more information on other initiatives funded by this grant, visit the PA Department of Education website.


This document includes a County Level Crosswalk of Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL). The crosswalk is designed to understand the extent to which OCDEL programs and special initiatives are being implemented across counties. Potential uses for the crosswalk may include:

  • Starting point for P-3 regional networking
  • Starting point for county needs/asset mapping
  • Understanding district level implementation of Kindergarten Entry Inventory as a potential source of data

View the P3 County Level Crosswalk.

View the P3 Networking Resources.