The COVID-19 health and safety guidance provided here has been updated based on current evidence and information available at the time of publishing. Guidance will be regularly reviewed with regards to the evolving nature of the pandemic and emerging evidence. It is the viewer’s responsibility to ensure they are using current and updated OCDEL and CDC guidance when implementing health and safety plans and decisions.
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Pennsylvania’s Early Childhood Health and Safety Systems Training Series

Each of OCDEL’s systems of support offer unique strengths, insight and expertise for child care providers. With limited financial resources, it is imperative that Pennsylvania emphasize existing collaboration and facilitation efforts and extend existing resources deeply, reaching more providers at this critical time. Licensing regulations remain the basis for all health and safety measures. The CDC guidelines for child care operating during COVID are being leveraged in addition to maintaining regulatory requirements. 


The training series covers 5 key content areas in this order:
  1. CDC Guidance for Child Care
  2. Parent, Family and Community Engagement
  3. Implementation Considerations
  4. Re-Imagining ECE Environments
  5. Supporting the Social Emotional Well-Being of ECE Professionals, Children and Families

CDC Guidance for Child Care

Parent, Family and Community Engagement

Implementation Guidelines

Re-Imagining ECE Environments