Transition to school is one of the most important steps in a young child’s life. Children must learn to navigate academic, behavioral and social expectations that might be different from the expectations at home or in the early learning setting. Parents might feel discomfort and fear about sending their child into this new experience. Well planned, collaborative transition models build trust and relationships among children, families, teachers and the school community. Systematic strategies and common understanding of terms and approaches among stakeholders can increase the success of transition practices.

In this Transition toolkit, find the components of the Transition Into Formal School Toolkit.

I. Transition to Formal School Toolkit Table of Contents

II. Best Practices Rubric Transition to Formal Schooling (Receiving)

III. Best Practices Rubric Transition to Formal Schooling (Sending)

IV. Section:  Overview of Transition (Management)

V. Section:  School in Community

VI. Section:  Child to School

VII. Section:  Family to School

VIII. Section:  School to School

IX. Section:  Bibliography

X. Section 7:  Research