Babies don’t come with instruction manuals, and sometimes it can be hard to make decisions when it comes to their care.  A new baby can be stressful if families don’t have help. In Pennsylvania, Home Visiting services can be a great answer for families who are looking for help. Visits are based on the needs of the parent and child and are different for every family.

Professionally trained home visitors can provide information and help families with:

  • Prenatal care
  • Caring for a new baby
  • Breastfeeding
  • Sleeping
  • Child development
  • Health and nutrition
  • Family supports

Home Visiting services may also help families:

  • Improve their health.
  • Create plans for education or a new job.
  • Use a positive parenting approach.
  • Reduce stress that can lead to child neglect or abuse.
  • Think about how big they’d like their family to become – and how fast they’d like their family to grow.
  • Connect with other resources in their community.

If you are looking for home visiting contacts, see a full list here.

For more information on the home visitor competency, visit the home competency page.

Looking for information on home visiting? Find more on the PA Promise for Children website.