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The PD Registry supports the professional growth of Early Childhood and School-Age Professionals by serving as a one-stop shop to:

  • Track employment, education and training history;
  • Plan professional development including access to an easy to use self-assessment tool; and
  • Find statewide quality professional training opportunities.


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Self-Assessment & Professional Development Plan

As of January 2019, the new Professional Development (PD) Self-Assessment and PD Plan are now housed in the PD Registry!

  • PD Self-Assessment: To find the PD Self-Assessment, start by logging into your account on From the My Personal Profile page, click the PD Self-Assessment tab. This feature is compatible with both the Pennsylvania Core Knowledge Competencies and Big Ideas Framework for Early Childhood & School-Age Professionals.
  • PD Plan: To find the new PD Plan, start by logging into your account on Hover over the left menu and select Professional Development Plan. This online version of the PD Plan can help professionals track both short-term and long-term goals. It can also help determine intended outcomes, identify potential barriers, and provide additional resources if needed.

If you are still interested in filling out a hard copy of the PD Plan, you can find that document below. Pay careful attention to the directions on how to save and fill it out. NOTE: This form cannot be filled out and saved in your internet browser. You must download this document to your computer or mobile device, open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill it out, and re-save it to your computer or mobile device. Again, this cannot be filled out and saved in your web browser.



The PD Registry processes organization accounts for Early Childhood and School-Age programs. Having an organization account allows childcare programs to:

  • Access verified staff qualifications for meeting DHS and Keystone STARS requirements;
  • Support staff with professional development planning; and
  • Track staff completion of DHS and Keystone STARS training requirements.

Certified childcare organizations can register staff members for training using the statewide training calendar.