Please note:

  • Processing time for all PQAS applications is 30-90 days.
  • If your PQAS has been expired 6 months or more, an initial application will be required.


PQAS Qualifications

To apply for PQAS, login at, then check the Apply to become a PQAS Instructor box and complete each section. All required documents should be attached within the Education tab and the Instructor tab.

View the link below for our current PQAS requirements.

Below are the minimum qualifications for each PQAS type.

Faculty instructor: Master’s degree from an accredited institution. Faculty who have a Doctoral level degree, and do not have the ECE credits, may choose Competency Groups that can be supported by their educational background. Faculty need to have taught a minimum of four courses over the last two years. Faculty must have at least two years of experience, and be currently employed, as an instructor at an accredited institute of higher education.

Professional Development Instructor: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution.

Standardized Professional Development Instructor: A professional license or other type of recognized credential/degree, who do not have early childhood/school-age educational backgrounds, but have important information to share (e.g., nurses, accountants, lawyers, CPR & First Aid).

Pediatric CPR/First Aid: Effective beginning on May 16. 2022.

  • First Aid/CPR PQAS Instructors submitting an initial or renewal PQAS application for First Aid/CPR will expire on the date the Instructor’s First Aid/CPR instructor card expires.
    • Reference the Pediatric CPR/First Aid PQAS Requirements document when completing the application to ensure you have all the required documentation. An email will be sent if any additional documents are needed. Please allow up to 30 days for processing.  Once processed, you will receive an email with your next steps.
  • Current approved First Aid/CPR PQAS Instructors expiration dates will not change until it is time to renew.
    • In order to add/update your Pediatric First Aid/CPR PQAS permissions, you will need to upload an up-to-date Pediatric First Aid/CPR Instructor Card within the Education Tab- CPR, First Aid, Fire Safety Requirements section, then email with your Name and Registry ID# to request First Aid/CPR permissions within the PD Registry. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this update.
  • NOTE: All PQAS approved instructors for First Aid/CPR must have a current First Aid/CPR instructor card uploaded to your education tab to maintain approval for First Aid/CPR.

Fire Safety: Reference the Fire Safety PQAS Requirements document (PDF) when completing the application to ensure you have all the required pieces.

Director Instructor: Associate’s degree from an accredited institution.


  • PQAS Courses. This page contains a list of required courses for applicants and directions on where to find these courses.
  • PQAS Resources. This page contains a collection of documents and webinars about PQAS.