Pennsylvania’s Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) through its partnership with the Pennsylvania Key (PA Key) is seeking to contract with an individual to develop two, system-supported Early Childhood Education Credentials. This work will add two additional, system-supported options for child care staff to Pennsylvania’s Career Pathway-an alternative Level A ECE Competency Credential and an alternative Level B ECE Competency Credential.

Designing competency-based credentials that stack into degree opportunities will:

  • Offer Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) the flexibility they need to leverage the incumbent workforce’s prior learning and experience in more diverse ways, such as work-based learning
  • Allow the incumbent workforce to learn from trusted members of their community while also knowing their efforts will be of value towards a degree
  • Act as an accelerant to the adoption of and alignment to the National and/or PA ECE Standards and Competencies for both community and IHE partners
  • Develop a framework of professional development that engages all levels of the early childhood educator and lends itself to shared competencies, skills and knowledge across the profession.
  • Speed the credentialing of the workforce while reducing costs and keeping state funding secure.

Credentials must be aligned with the Pennsylvania Professional Standards and Competencies for Early Childhood Educators (PA PSCECE).

The contractor will:

It is anticipated this project will take on average, 25 hours per week, however, payment is based on the following monthly objectives:

  • Create a project timeline for the development of the two credentials and the systems to support implementation
  • Attend Career Pathway Steering team meetings and other relevant meetings and provide project updates.
  • Engage stakeholders in credential development (PA Key staff, OCDEL, Professional Development Organization’s (PDOs), and IHEs, etc)
  • Enhance current PA systems for credential application and processing
  • Develop protocols for full implementation of the credentialing system; including coordination with the PD Registry team at the PA Key in order to develop an application and approval process for the credentials
  • Create related manuals, training materials, communications, webinars
  • Implement training in the developed credentialing system for full implementation within one-year for the alternative Level A ECE Competency Credential, with full implementation of the alternative Level B ECE Competency Credential to follow.

Key deliverables of this contract include, but may not be limited to:

  • An alternative Level A ECE Competency Credential and an alternative Level B ECE Competency Credential to be provided through a process of application, coursework, practical application, and assessment to the child care workforce.
  • Related manuals, training, and communication materials to support credential implementation

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Master’s Degree (preferred) with related experience in Early Childhood Education Systems Development.
  • Knowledge of (experience preferred) with ECE credentialing systems
  • Knowledge of the National Child Development Associate (CDA) system
  • Knowledge of National Professional Standards and Competencies for Early Childhood Educators
  • Knowledge of PA Career Pathway and PD Registry systems

Interested Applicants should submit the following information via this survey link no later than Friday, January 28, 2022, 4:00 p.m. You will be asked to complete the following information:

  1. First and Last Name, organization (if applicable) and email address of Applicant
  2. Years of relevant experience
  3. Attached CV or Resume (PDF, DOC or DOCX format only)
  4. Three professional refences speaking to your related work. Please provide name, email and telephone number for each reference.
  5. A detailed account in the form of an essay, of your relevant experience in credentialing, ECE systems development, knowledge of National and State ECE standards and any other information that may speak to your ability to conduct the work.
  6. Proposed Fee for Services rendered
  7. You will attest to the statement that you possess the technology equipment needed to conduct the work efficiently.