The Pennsylvania Key’s Equity Journey

The Pennsylvania Key is committed to expanding the knowledge and advancing the efforts of equitable practice. Part of this journey has required identifying what is equity, and how to ensure equitable and high-quality service of care for the children, families, professionals, and communities.

Equity has been defined by many organizations as an effort or strategy to ensure all who need services have access to and an understanding about opportunities. This effort recognizes not everyone comes from the same starting place, and regardless of the identity or financial background of someone, there may be a need for assistance in different and unique ways. Since opportunities arise in personal and professional life, having the lens of equity and equitable practice, helps everyone succeed and benefit from these efforts.

Current events have engaged education professionals to reflect on practice and identify ways educators can play a critical role in expanding the awareness of equity. As administrations and programs find opportunities to advance their understanding of equity and equitable practices, part of that journey is providing clear strategies and examples of treating everyone with an equal amount of respect and care, regardless of race, class, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability, language, national origin, indigenous heritage, religion, or other identities.


April 2022

Bias PD Created

Need more info. Who is this training for? Who created this training? Is it in-person, hybrid, or online?

June 2020


Staff encouraged to end their workday to learn about the significance of Juneteenth.

Cohort Created

14 individuals from the Pennsylvania Key were invited to participate in deep conversations surrounding ongoing Equity work. This group met monthly and was facilitated by the PA Key's [...]

April 2020

Audit Published

Initial work on the Equity Audit began in March 2020 and completed in April 2020. Results were disseminated to staff. More information needed. What is the Equity Audit [...]

January 2020

Special Topics