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Friend/Neighbor Caregivers: Get Certified!

As of November 2016, most friend/neighbor caregivers must become certified (Certificate of Compliance) as family child care homes in order to receive subsidy payments. This is part of an ongoing effort to support families with access to safe, reliable child care. 

How do I get certified?

Your should review the information on this webpage and contact your Regional Office to begin the process of becoming a certified Family Child Care Home. 

  • Download a two-page flyer that explains the steps and provides resources for getting certified.
  • Download a flyer with information about the orientation sessions required for getting certified.
  • Start today! Access the new online orientation training for free at the Better Kid Care website.
  • Becoming a certified family child care home means that you will need to be prepared for an inspection. Click here for a home checklist to see what you will need to meet the regulations


Relative caregivers will not be affected by this change.

Relative caregivers must be biologically related to the child as the: grandmother, grandfather, great-grandmother, great-grandfather, aunt, uncle or sibling who is over age 18 and does not live in the home. 

Individuals who don't receive child care subsidy can care for up to three children without becoming certified. 


Proveedores de cuidado infantil que son amigos/vecinos – ¡Prepárese! ¡Inscríbase! 

Prepárese ya mismo para los cambios que tendrán lugar a partir de noviembre de 2016. 







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