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Early Learning Standards

The Pennsylvania Early Childhood Education Standards are research-based standards that identify key learning areas of development for children and are reflected in the Core Body of Knowledge competencies. The standards guide practitioners to intentionally integrate developmental knowledge with the attitudes, skills, and concepts children need to make progress in all learning areas.

Infant-Toddler * Pre-Kindergarten * Kindergarten

Infant & Toddler standards PreK Standards Kindergarten standards

Please note: The above photos link to the full color versions of the new standards. If you would like to download the standards in black & white or the full color versions in Spanish, please click on the links below.   

First Grade * Second Grade




Early Learning Standards by age group that include the standards, continuum and posters can be ordered by visiting www.childcorepublishing.com


Early Learning Standards


Family companion resources

The family activity resource guide Kindergarten Here I Come! and Kindergarten Here I Am! can be downloaded for free or copies are available for order by visiting www.childcorepublishing.com.

Learning is Everywhere is another resource available with ideas and activities for families. 

Curriculum & Assessment

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