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Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQAS)

PA Keys to Professional Development has implemented a system for approving individuals and organizations who provide professional development and technical assistance to early childhood and school-age professionals in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQAS) maintains a registry of approved Professional Development Instructors and Technical Assistance Consultants to help ensure that professional development activities and technical assistance meet quality standards. Any Instructor who wants to deliver professional development or Consultant wanting to deliver technical assistance to early childhood or school-age professionals should apply for PQAS approval.

When applying for PQAS, please see below for the most recently updated applications.


The PQAS Process Webinar Series

The PA Key, in collaboration with PSADYN, has created a series of webinars to assist those interested in becoming PQAS approved Instructors. If you have questions, please send an email to PQAS@berksiu.org.

Applications for Individual Instructors

Support Documents For individual applications

Policies and Application for Organization PQAS

Temporary Applications and policies

 PQAS Resources

PQAS Orientation

The PQAS Orientation is required for all individual applicants. To take these courses, please log into the PA Key Intranet and click on PQAS.

The PQAS Orientation consists of the following online courses:

Adult Learning Principles
Working Together To Make Learning "Stick" (for consultants only)



Professional Development Registry and Pennsylvania Core Knowledge Competencies for Early Childhood and School-Age Professionals (CKC) courses to replace the Professional Development Calendar and the Core Body and Knowledge (CBK).


This series is designed to help you develop strategies to demonstrate cultural competence when providing professional development and build an environment that supports and encourages discussion about cultural and linguistic similarities and differences         


PQAS Complaint & Removal Processes

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