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If you are looking to contact your Regional Key, please find their contact information on this page.

More information on Early Learning Resource Centers (ELRCs) to come.

The Pennsylvania Key

200 North 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101


717-213-0585 FAX
717-213-0584 FAX


The Pennsylvania Key

Marnie Aylesworth, Director of the PA Key – or 717-213-3736

Matthew J. Daughenbaugh, Director of Operations – or 717-213-3732


Community Initiatives

Roseann Manganell, Director of Workforce Development and CQI Initiatives – or 717-213-3735


Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQAS), Professional Development Instructor Institutes

Donna Wennerholt, Professional Development Project Manager – or 717-213-3734


Professional Development (PD) Registry

Kristin Madden, PD Registry Manager –


Project LAUNCH

Brandy Fox, Project LAUNCH Coordinator/Young Child Wellness Expert – or 717-213-3740


Mind in the Making, Early Childhood Mental Health Project

Jennifer Murphy ECMH Coordinator –


Rising STARS Tuition Assistance Program, CDA Assessment Fee Vouchers or 1-800-284-6031


Program Quality Assessment (PQA)

Megan Showalter, Program Quality Assessment Manager – or 412-860-5230

Jill Kortright Wood, Supervisor (Southeast) – or 215-884-0830

Ann Gula, Supervisor (Northeast & Mid-State) – or 570-325-3505

Angie Marshall, Supervisor (Northwest & Southwest) – or 412-224-3752



Liz Knouse, Director of Communications –

Mary P. Hall, Communication & Outreach Specialist –

Kelsey O’Brien, Communication & Outreach Specialist –



Renee Zirkle, Fiscal Data Specialist for PKC & HSSAP – or 717-213-3739

Jim Powell, Fiscal Data Coordinator for EHS, MIECHV, Family Center OCDEL, NFP – or 717-213-2070



Infant/Toddler Credential/Rising STARS Mentor Certification

Michelle Zitsch, Workforce Development Specialist – or 717-213-3738