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If you are looking to contact your Regional Key, please find their contact information on this page.

The Pennsylvania Key

200 North 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101


717-213-0585 FAX
717-213-0584 FAX


The Pennsylvania Key

Marnie Aylesworth, Director of the PA Key – or 717-213-3736

Matthew J. Daughenbaugh, Director of Operations – or 717-213-3732


Community Initiatives

Roseann Manganell, Director of Workforce Development and CQI Initiatives – or 717-213-3735


Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQAS), Professional Development Instructor Institutes

Donna Wennerholt, Professional Development Project Manager – or 717-213-3734


Professional Development (PD) Registry

Kristin Madden, PD Registry Manager –


Project LAUNCH

Brandy Fox, Project LAUNCH Coordinator/Young Child Wellness Expert – or 717-213-3740


Mind in the Making, Early Childhood Mental Health Project

Jennifer Murphy ECMH Coordinator –


Rising STARS Tuition Assistance Program, CDA Assessment Fee Vouchers or 1-800-284-6031


Program Quality Assessment (PQA)

Megan Showalter, Program Quality Assessment Manager – or 412-860-5230

Jill Kortright Wood, Supervisor (Southeast) – or 215-884-0830

Ann Gula, Supervisor (Northeast & Mid-State) – or 570-325-3505

Angie Marshall, Supervisor (Northwest & Southwest) – or 412-224-3752



Liz Knouse, Director of Communications – or 717-213-2065

Mary P. Hall, Communication & Outreach Specialist – or 717-213-2077

Kelsey O’Brien, Communication & Outreach Specialist – or 717-213-2074



Renee Zirkle, Fiscal Data Specialist for PKC & HSSAP – or 717-213-3739

Jim Powell, Fiscal Data Coordinator for EHS, MIECHV, Family Center OCDEL, NFP – or 717-213-2070



Infant/Toddler Credential/Rising STARS Mentor Certification

Michelle Zitsch, Workforce Development Specialist – or 717-213-3738